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           All our pieces are made of Recycled Sterling Silver 925 from pre-owned jewelry.

           You will find a stamp with the alloy mark 925 on them.


           For the gold plating a layer of 22K gold is deposited on top of 925 Sterling silver.

           It is difficult to accurately predict how long a gold plating will last. It greatly depends on how often you wear it,  use of skin chemicals,  how active you are  or even the same pH level of each person's skin.   

           Gold plating can last for many years if jewelry is treated with love.


          Take off your jewelry to sleep, shower or exercise.

           Avoid contact of the jewel with chemicals.

           Always keep them away from damp places or any sun exposure.

           Storage your jewelry in an air-tight bag.

  Be kind.

      ++ How to clean you silver/gold plated jewelry?

           Put the pieces in warm water mixed with dish soap for some minutes.

           Use a soft cloth to gently polish the surface.

           Rinse the jewelry in water and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

           Don't use any material other than a soft cloth, as it may scratch the jewelry.


      ++ Storing jewelry

           Store your jewelry safely preferably in the original box that came with the item.

           Do not store your jewelry inside leather, this can tarnish gold and especially silver.

           Sometimes jewelry tarnishes when it’s not worn. To maintain the luster of your jewelry, you  can place silver anti-tarnish strips in your storage container.

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