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equix 2_edited.jpg
Ancla 1

EME OM stops time, reconnects.

Makes their mind blank or fills it with intention. Depending on the day.

And they creates objects that they imagines and feels as carriers of energy where to support melancholy and euphoria.

They tries to be an alchemist.

Plays to portray magic.

Transforms geometries into amulets.

Asks the Cosmos.

Aligns chakras.

Gets lost in ways to find intentions.

​In their enjoyment of achieving their own discourse,

objects that pretend to be minimal end up maximal,

inhabiting the fine line that separates geometric purity from baroque.

All good.

​ 3.7.+. +. 7.3. ​

Digital and analog.

Parametric formulas and sandpaper.

Recycling of geometries and materials.

Designed in Berlin and manufactured by artisans in Spain.

Paranoia from the impact of the trail left.

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